National Association For Family Action – Anjaf (PT)

ANJAF_logo_NovoANJAF is a non-profit association, constituted in 1989, whose aim is to encourage solidarity between young people, their families and the community, in order to promote equality, justice and progress, by harmonized actions of economic, social and cultural development ensuring representation, participation and intervention.

The main objective is to carry out activities contributing to socio-professional integration and socio-cultural development of all exposed groups, namely those in a situation of exclusion, in order to promote social harmony.

ANJAF has a long experience in prisons environment, working since 2004 in several projects related directly or indirectly with the inmates at national and transnational level.

ANJAF will be involved in all work packages of the house cleaning project in st charles, but mainly responsible with the implementation of project activities at national level and with assuring the involvement of relevant stakeholders, check for more details. Will take part in all project meetings and organize at national level workshops with the stakeholders as provided in the project.