Management (WP 1)


1.1 Development of project management methodology, with protocol and guidelines for internal and external reporting, implementation calendar, financial management.

a. Special focus will be placed on reaching stakeholders at national and European level. Within these structures we will involve in each partner county at least 10 adult learning professionals and 3 institutional stakeholders form the correctional criminal justice system.

b. Management WP will be in close cooperation and dependency with Quality WP. All Social Responsibility measures, benchmarks and standards established by the Quality team will be implemented through management actions.

c. Also the external evaluator review will be integrated within management decisions.

d. Within the project structure an external auditor will be integrated.

1.2 Development of project structure, national networks and working groups. 
Working Groups:

  • “Project Advisory Committee”
  • “Development and testing”
  • “Promotion”

1.3 Establishment of effective communication network inside (intranet) and outside (website) the project partnership, maintaining and developing it.

1.4  Develop visual identity of the project and the layout of all outgoing materials.

1.5 Set the Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (IPR agreement). Most of the project outputs will use the Creative Commons left-right license enabling free usage or development, by mentioning the source. The partnership will decide what outputs will remain in the property of the partnership for further exploitation.


  • Implementation Methodology Handbook – Implementation Strategy Report (ISR);
  • Eis-Alp multilingual website.

All partners are involved in this work package, providing valuable input over a 24 months period, starting off with a project meeting in Bucharest (November 2013).