Activities and Results

The project has eight strategic stages, embedded in work packages (WP) varying in timeframes, activities and outcomes.

Each step was carefully planned to provide the most results, through thoughtful usage of resources of all kinds, for the benefit of many.


Each work package listed under the ACTIVITIES tab contains an Outcomes section. We will keep uploading deliverables on the website, as we take important steps into the project, so feel free to make the most of it. The majority of our materials can be used under Creative Commons License.


Successful implementation of strategy will lead to:

  • Consistent progress in the professionalization of correctional education;
  • Opening of the prison settings towards the lifelong learning culture;
  • Increase the quality of prison teaching and the interest of teachers towards prison education;
  • Better equipped teachers in navigating the first days of working in prison settings;
  • Better educated inmates, with higher chances of successful reintegration.