Development of Support Materials (WP 4)

This work package is coordinated by the European Prison Education Association – Malta Branch.


4.1 Develop new support materials for adult learning professionals in English based on the competences profile of adult learning professionals in correctional criminal justice system, under the format of adaptable modules, suitable for both online environment and frontal training. The new support materials will be available on the web-based Induction Support Assistant and also will be available under the format of Grundtvig Training Course.

The course will be listed during the lifetime of the project and implemented as an exploitation measure in the first year after project implementation. The support materials will be developed in English and translated in partnership languages once integrated into the web-tool. The course will be delivered in English.

4.2 Exploit already developed modular support materials from pervious projects and trainings, integrating them into the induction support web-environment, connected to the competence profile of adult learning professionals in correctional criminal justice system. This will     become a virtual library. At the EisAlp partnership level we already have between us over five     already developed materials from previous projects that will find their place in the virtual library. We will also add all publicly available materials from other EU cooperation at the time.

4.3 Validate the support materials in participating partner countries, where necessary translating the materials into their own language. This validation will take place on one-to-one activities with the stakeholders. We will also have a validation moment with the stakeholders with the occasion of the seminar held under WP 3.

4.4 Supervise progress through the website and adapt the tool where necessary. Results to be reported to EPEA and analysed.


  • Modules for Adult Learning Professionals to prepare for working in Correctional Criminal Justice System – modular training that will seek to specify the particularities of prison teaching and how it differentiates from other life long learning sectors;
    • online format integrated in the induction assistant tool;
      • You can download here the 6 developed modules, in English language. Each module will have a content PPT, embedded assignments and recommended  further reading. For national language versions, you will find them when signing in on the EISALP Platform at . Details about the platform you will find on the next TAB of this webpage.
        The modules were promoted on the EPALE platform and you can find an article about them here.
    • class training in the form of a  Staff training for prison professionals, education professionals and students. The training took place in Timisoara, in the period 24-25/02/2016, alongside a final conference on the project. The training was promoted on EPALE platform Calendar, at
      • You can download photos from the training here (14 Mb)
      • You can see the training program here
  • Key Competences indexed Virtual Library for Adult Learning Professionals dealing with the Correctional Criminal Justice System
    • You can download here (1.15 Gb) English version of our suggested reading library of two levels. The materials are public documents that the partners found available from different sources on-line, past projects and European initiatives. For national language materials, you will find them when signing in on the EISALP Platform at
  • Not foreseen at the initial stages of the project, partners under the coordination of the WP leader developed also a number of special off-line modules and support materials for trainers and educators  that deliver teacher-training for future prison teachers. You can download them here (450 Mb) in English language.