Dissemination (WP 7)

Objective 1: Increase awareness in prison, support organizations, agencies dealing with offenders education, schools, peers groups and larger community. 

Dissemination activities will be targeted to these particular groups through trusted communication channels. Individual dissemination strategies for each partner will be developed by a marketing consultant from a framework of measures that will act as an overarching strategy for the project.

Dissemination Activities will include:

  • a high quality project website
  • a general information leaflet about the project in all partner languages
  • a database of key contacts from each partner country for regular e−mail alerts
  • an updated newsletter for the website
  • articles for relevant European publications and journals
  • a project house style materials for partner exhibition stands at conferences and exhibitions
  • attending relevant conferences
  • One Day International Open-space Conference where the project promoters and end-users (existing and potential) come into contact, discuss the project experiences and products and the existing mobility needs. These conferences will act as a showcase for EisAlp. We believe that the open-space method is the most appropriate because it gives the flexibility required to pin-point real interests and the training needs of the end-users in relation to the existing products.

Objective 2: Provide a sustainable platform for the product and its future development. 

Dissemination activities will focus on parties that already work with teaching in prison but also to parties that might extend to this marginalized group, or parties that will come in contact with it (such as vocational schools from the communities) and have no special preparation.

TIMEFRAME: 24 months


EISALP Conference – The portrait of a prison educator – 24/02/2016 Timisoara. For a photo galery and the footage of the event please click here

For the conference program & details please click here


•    EisAlp Dissemination Package
•    EisAlp Open Space Conference