Exploitation (WP 8)


8.1 Determine and produce clear Exploitation and Dissemination Strategy that have realizable performance targets from the outset of the project.

The key objectives of these strategies are to:

  • exploit the results of the previous project;
  • develop further the project’s results in different contexts and situations, such as languages,  regions, countries, and sectors of correctional criminal  justice system;
  • recognize good practice within the project;
  • embed project results into the practices of complementary organizations;
  • mainstream project results into local, regional, national and European provision;
  • achieve sustainability for the project’s products and services by developing an exit strategy for each partner.

8.2 Agree quality criteria to recognise good practice within the project and to take account of:

  • Added value generated by the project’s products;
  • Innovative measures designed by partners;
  • Levels of correctional criminal  justice system engagement and feedback;
  • Website hits and the volume of use of the Induction Support System materials;
  • Recorded impact on teaching quality within adult learning professionals.

8.3 Prepare the new support materials for adult learning professionals based on competence profile of adult learning professionals in correctional criminal justice system, under the format of training.

This will be under the format of a Grundtvig Training Course, listed under European Training Calendar.

TIMEFRAME: 8 months

25 and 26 February 2016 – two-day training on why/how to use the tool, to be held after the dissemination conference

EISALP Training – The portrait of a prison educator – 24/02/2016 Timisoara. For a photo galery and the footage of the event please click here

For the training program & details please here


Training – European Induction Support System for Adult Learning Professionals to the Correctional Criminal Justice System – A possible solution to a European Challenge