Piloting of Induction Support System (WP 5)

Induction Support Assistant and Support Materials
Coordinated by Innovative Prison System (IPS), Portugal, this work package will unfold over a period of 6 months.


5.1 Bridge the competence profile of adult learning professionals in correctional criminal justice, online environment, new support materials and the already developed ones into a coherent induction support instrument for both adult learning professionals and managers from correctional criminal justice facilities.

5.2 Translate from English to partner languages the final induction support system, with its web based environment and new support materials.

5.3 Develop possible scenarios of using the induction support tool and pilot in each partner country the scenario most suitable for national realities, with relevant stakeholders in live environment.

5.4 Present the final induction support product as a web-based tool also available in off-line form so that it can accommodate prisons with limited resources for workers/trainees usage. Produce a brief and clear manual to demonstrate the use of the induction analysis tool to assist adult learning professionals and other users of the Induction Support System. Wherever possible this is to take into account specific country situations.

5.5 Develop a brief evaluation tool for adult learning professionals who have undertaken the European Induction Support System programme and an equivalent tool for managers from correctional criminal justice facilities who have supported adult learning professionals through the induction support process. Both of these tools to be available online and submitted to IPS.


January 2015 – Project Meeting in Portugal
June / July 2015 – Scenario piloting workshops at national level


  • European Induction Support System for Adult Learning Professionals to the Correctional Criminal Justice System – web-based tool. You can access it at http://www.bragi.si/eisalp/. It is a very easy self-registration process followed by an auto-evaluation chart and a number of modules recommended for learning.An added feature of our web-based tool, developed especially for the prison system where on-line access is difficult, we have created a downloaded installable version of the platform, for any trainer to install on the computer. You can download installation instructions here. And here(630 Mb) you can download the installation package.
  • European Induction Support System User Manual –  download here(9 MB). As our platform is Chamilo based, you can also download the Cnamilo Teacher Guide here(12 Mb).
  • Report paper: European Induction Support System for Adult Learning Professionals to the Correctional Criminal Justice System – A possible solution to a European Challenge. You can download here the report in English, Romanian, PortugueseSlovenian and Maltese.