Trebnje Centre for Education and Culture – CIK (SI)

logo_cikThe Trebnje Centre for Education and Culture is a public organization, established by the Trebnje municipality to promote and develop adult education. We offer a comprehensive range of formal and informal programmes.

In recent years, increasing attention has been given to various projects that develop and encourage lifelong learning among different target groups, to rise the level of literacy, especially the socially vulnerable (elderly, rural residents, members of the Roma community, special needs persons, the unemployed, persons serving a prison sentence, etc).
Main activities spectrum:

  • Primary education for adults is intended for all adults with incomplete elementary education wishing to complete elementary school and enrol on further education courses.
  • Vocational and technical education for adults who have not managed to attain or complete their vocational or technical education during the course of regular education, or when their existing education does not meet labour market requirements.
  • Courses: language courses, Slovene for foreigners, computer literacy, accounting and bookkeeping courses, assistant chef, home care nurse.
  • Third age University is intended for the retired population and aims to prevent loneliness among the elderly, increase their inclusion in education and society, as well as encourage active citizenship.

CIK Trebnje is national partner in the project. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of the project in Slovenia, in close cooperation with the other Slovenian partner PRO-ECO. The Centre is entrusted with overall stakeholder management and conducting activities in Slovenia. The Centre is also in charge of the the pilot implementation of the project in Slovenia and for the dissemination and exploitation taking place in Slovenia, also involved in all work packages of the project.