User Voice (UK)

logo_user_voiceUser Voice is a national user-led charity working in and around the criminal justice system; it is founded on the principles of coproduction; that service users of the criminal justice system must be involved in the design , commissioning and delivery of services in order that the interventions are successful. Often services for offenders are designed by those who have no direct experience of the criminal justice experience and therefore the perspective of service users is an imperative to ensure that any policies and practices are fit for purpose.

We specialise in service user engagement and development of service user forums by which commissioners and service providers can connect with this perspective.

We also advocate the visibility of reformed offenders in the delivery of services, and as such we have pioneered the employment of service users in our criminal justice work, working to manage perceived and real risks, and breaking down the barriers of discrimination that face those with a criminal history in the labour market.

User Voice also is an advocate of peer support in prisons and we teach Peer Mentoring courses in prisons  and probation.

User Voice is keen to be involved in developing this project as it can effectively bring the service user perspective to the process, and utilize that experience to strengthen the programme. Our current contracts in eleven prisons, five probation trusts (including London) will be vital facilitating access to prisons and engaging with education staff working within prison establishments. Also will be involved in all work packages of the project.